The World is a Stage

Have you ever heard that Parisians think of the world as a stage? Their very passionate and expressive nature depicts this idea perfectly. Just after being here a week I have already picked up a few French mannerisms. Yesterday, I said “ooh la la” in reaction to something surprising I read. It just happened.

But, this ‘the world is a stage’ point of view is very apparent with the lovers here in Paris. Let me explain:

My first night out I walked into a restaurant with a group of inters and was seated close to a couple. I instantly knew they were dating because the girlfriend was sitting on her boyfriend’s lap. Heads close, they whispered sweet nothings to each other. In. A. Restaurant. Not something I was expecting.
Yesterday, a couple on the train were getting pretty handsy with each other. They only took up one and a half seats since they were sitting so close. And since they weren’t having a crazy, passionate make out session I didn’t think anything of it until he ran his hand up her leg and into her skirt. On. The. Train.

Long story short… the French are very passionate and aren’t afraid to show it. And though it’s still shocking to see that on the streets, I understand it. PDA says “look at what I got and how much I love it.” Which is kind of cool. And very French. But still a little much for this American.

They warned us about culture shock, but they never told us about specific kinds. So, I’ve discovered that intimacy is intimacy in every country, but where it’s acceptable to show said intimacy is not the same.

But speaking of love, I am falling in love with this city. The people are so nice and the food is incredible and the history is everywhere! Once it stops raining I’m sure Paris will have my heart.


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