Arrive, sleep, eat, sleep

I trained into Paris with an older man playing the violin a few seats down from me. I felt like I was on a movie set as he played. Trees turned to quaint houses and apartments covered in green vines all nestled into the morning mist. The balconies housed an assortment of items ranging from herbs to satellite dishes that swallowed the space. Looking past the graffiti that lined the railway, one would say the outskirts of Paris are very charming.

I went underground, changed lines, and came up in a more city-like area. Mixed with the old brick apartments were more box style apartments, including my own. But as I knocked on the door and entered the home, it was obvious that I was in France.

My host mom told me my bag was big, like a typical American, and showed me around the apartment. A quick tour ended with her going out to run errands and me collapsingĀ  on my new bed. I woke up two hours later in time for a little TV (Law & Order, but in French) and a fresh quiche. I had more than my stomach could hold but didn’t care. The taste, even for something so simple, melted in my mouth and paired nicely with a red wine.

I unpacked, showered, and went back to bed. Then proceeded to sleep for 14 hours. Host-Mom woke me up around noon by gently cooing at me and telling me I needed to eat before going to meet the other interns on this trip. I got ready, ate, ran out the door, got lost and was late.

But after finding the group it was a wonderful day! We had an orientation with snacks of fresh bread, strawberries and cheese (if it wasn’t for all the walking I’m doing, I know I’d gain SO much weight while here). We followed our orientation up with a river tour on the Seine where I got my first rainy look at the Eiffel Tower. Though everything was gray, it still stole my breath. Oh! And Notre Dame is equally as glorious. Honestly, just walking from metro stop to work, or dinner, is a beautiful experience. Being surrounded by so many glorious buildings feels so… nice. That seems anticlimactic, I know, but really the feeling I get while being surrounded by so much history is so humbling and happy that it mixes into this feeling of gentle bliss. And at night, when the rain has stopped and all the lights reflect from the street, it’s truly surreal.

Even if the Seine is flooding.

I’m adjusting, but I am very happy.


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